Monica Lutzak

An incredible life – So cherished and deeply loved

Heaven earned a most loving and genuine soul, and a rich beautiful voice, with the passing of our long-standing sister in harmony, Monica Lutzak. One could never do justice with mere words to celebrate a life as meaningful as Monica’s. Warm memories flash by and my heart aches knowing we will never get to hug our beloved Monica again.
I recall my first day with the chorus. I was brand new to Canada, in awe of the incredible singing, and wondered, would I fit in? Will they accept me? And there was Monica. She gave me the warmest, brightest smile and a joyful welcome. She spoke to me and held my hand, and I knew I belonged. 
Monica had an incredibly generous heart. She was a selfless, beautiful person who put others first. At contest or retreats, we could just run over to Monica’s room, and dig into the endless supply of amazing food. Be it Valentine’s day, Halloween or Christmas, Monica had a treat bag for every member of her beloved chorus (and an extra bag just for my son). She was so very thoughtful.
Monica’s positivity and zest for life was contagious. You would never find Monica idle. She was either busy putting together inspirational quotes, or packing thoughtful gifts, or treat bags for our members. Following our contest performances, when most of us would sit down, completely overwhelmed, Monica would miraculously reappear as a volunteer and be seen running around helping members. Then there were her amazing visual warmups. Not only did Monica introduce our chorus to wonderful diverse music but also to her unique dance moves. They were full of energy and joy.

Monica loved her quartets! Many will remember her as the bass in Flavah, where she sang with Andrea Thorne-Percy, her sister Grace Lawrence, and Avril Condappa. They made beautiful music together, laughed endlessly, and were so very close.

Monica and Grace were sisters and the closest of friends, sharing so much of their lives together. We wrap our arms around Grace, as she grapples with this devastating loss.

As I listen to one of Monica’s favorite inspirational songs, The Power of the Dream, I fight back tears, knowing she leaves us with wonderful memories and a void that can never be filled. I like to think that Monica is busy teaching the angels a thing or two about our wonderful artform (and sport) of barbershop singing.
We remain so thankful and privileged to have shared this journey with you, dearest Monica. Rest in peace and in joyous harmony. We love you.
Caroline D’Silva, on behalf of The Heartland Singers