Honour Roll

Emily Hirtle

The Heart Award


Awarded to Emily Hirtle

This was originally called the Marg Montgomery Heart Award, in memory of a long time, well-loved member of Sweet Adelines and member of the chorus.

In 1998, the Management Team created this award to preserve the best of Marg for many years to come. Each year in April, the outgoing management team chooses one member of our chorus to receive this award. 

The key attributes of the member of The Heartland Singers that receives this honour includes:

  • A keen and frequently-used sense of humour
  • A commitment to the chorus in every way: attendance, attitude, work ethic
  • A friendly and outgoing nature and a sense of hospitality extended to guests and fellow members
  • A genuine attraction and devotion to the younger and newer members of the chorus
  • A keen promoter of excellence in our art form, including support for quartets
  • A positive, cheerful and optimistic nature
  • A member who has demonstrated these attributes consistently over a number of years

Previous recipients:

2022       Dorothea Phair
2021       Leila Brown

2020       Amy Smith
2019       Diana Simpson
2018       Jacquie Di Federico

Adriana Fraser

Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Adriana Fraser

Annually, each member of The Heartland Singers is asked to nominate a member of the chorus who has shown outstanding qualities and made the greatest contribution to the betterment of the chorus. This member is recognized for all that they do for the chorus, visibly or quietly in the background.

Previous recipients:

2022          Emily Hirtle
2021          Leila Brown

2020          Carol Sullivan
2019          Lori Johnston
2018          Diana Simpson
2017          Jacquie Di Federico
2016          Monica Lutzak
2015          Valerie Clowes
2014          Rachel Gagne & Dorothea Phair
2013          Jennifer Gold
2012          Avril Condappa
2011          Melba MacDonald
2010          Kristen Emery
2009          Linda Tupholme
2008          Heidi Wyatt
2007          Heather Weeden
2006          Grace Lawrence
2005          Carol Cederberg
2004          Dorothea Phair
2003          Ghislaine Sukovski
2002          Carolann Ritcey
2001          Marg Duncan
2000          Rita Ingram
1999          Andrea Thorne-Percy
1998          Mirium Gates
1997          Shelley Houghton
1996          Lynne Lucas

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